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Petitioning Nike management

Nike: Just Do It! Commit to using 100 per cent recycled plastic!

by Nella Barbee on September 07, 2019

14.898 NEEDED

TARGET 70.000 SIGNATURES 55.102 supporters

Around 50 per cent of Adidas products are made out of polyester plastic – given the number of shoes and apparel the German giant makes each year, the quantity of plastic that is put into production is huge. However, over the past years, Adidas has tried to fix this issue – and we must commend them for that. Adidas has stepped up to help the environment – in 2016, company officials have announced they stopped using plastic bags in all their stores. They have experimented with using biodegradable fabric that would disintegrate quickly after use. Furthermore, the sports apparel giant partnered with an environmental group to make special edition shoes made entirely of recycled water bottles (see photos below). Selling out instantly, the shoes represented a technological and design mike drop heard by sneakerheads and design fans around the world. Adidas supported the launch with the Run for the Oceans project which challenged people around the world to raise money for the project by committing a dollar for every kilometer. The price tag of these shoes is $220 and the company says it wants to sell five million pair of shoes – which means Adidas will make more than a billion dollars in revenue, while trying to solve of the biggest issues Planet Earth is facing at the moment. 

Adidas currently holds the upper hand when it comes to concerns over the environment, there is no question about that. But if the Adidas made these significant changes, then so can Nike, which has been a pioneer in the sports clothing industry for decades. The brand is the biggest sportswear producer in the world and its plastic footprint is tremendous. While in the past they did indeed use recycled plastic to make some uniforms, they have not made the change everyone is expecting from them: to use 100 per cent recycled plastic for its entire production and the launch of a similar shoe like Adidas just did. 

We believe Nike can do more for the environment. We are confident that the products made from 100 per cent recycled plastic would be a huge hit – both financially and PR.

Please support this campaign if you agree. Thank you!

Adidas shoes made from ocean plastic
The Adidas x Parley for the Oceans shoe
Nike has only used recycled polyester to enhance player performance and reduce its environmental impact
Ask Nike to do more to help the environment and commit to using 100 per cent recycled plastic

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