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Petitioning Chief Executive Officer of WWE – Vince McMahon

Ask WWE To Stop Hosting Events In Saudi Arabia!

by Lizbeth Kidd on July 12, 2019

6.789 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 3.211 supporters

Please support my campaign in an effort to pursue WWE to cancel all future events in Saudi Arabia. I hope as many of you out there will agree that this campaign is worthy of your support and will act accordingly; I would like to thank everyone in advance for taking the time on this matter.

WWE has been a pioneer in the live entertainment business for years, but we, the undersigned, cannot, under any circumstances, approve the fact that is has expended massively in Saudi Arabia, a country with extremely  poor record of human rights ; we believe the values of WWE are in flagrant contradiction with the opinions promoted by the Saudis and consequently, such type of entertainment is not compatible there. In this country, the LGBT community is not recognized at all; women’s rights are also heavily restricted (to put it mildly) and free speech is virtually non existent (see what happened to Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who dared to speak out against the regime and never came back from the Saudi consulate in Turkey); yet the WWE doesn’t seem to have any problem with that, as long as the Saudis continue to pay up; this type of attitude cannot be accepted under any circumstances! Simply put, WWE shouldn’t be doing business with this country and should pull out right away.

We must acknowledge that WWE has made substantial efforts to reduce the inequality between men and women – to be fair, women are not treated much better than previous programs; this organisation must be praised for their strides; however, these efforts are at risk of going down the drain if the association with the despotic Saudi government continues.

We, the undersigned, value freedom and progressive stance as much as anything in this world and it is truly sad to see WWE getting in bed with the enemy, so to speak; a clear message needs to be sent to the Saudis that their attitude towards its people must drastically change. 

Unless our sincere, unbiased and legitimate demands are taken into account, we have no choice but to implement a complete boycott against WWE programs from now on. We sincerely hope WWE will do the right thing and stop taking money from a government that has showed no empathy and moral compass towards its people.

Please support my campaign if you agree with its content. Many thanks again.


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