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Petitioning Mayor of Amsterdam

Ask the city of Amsterdam to stop raising tourist taxes to deter them from coming!

by Stevie Woodruff on August 01, 2019

8.212 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 1.788 supporters
Dear friends,
I need everyone's support to ensure the beautiful city of Amsterdam stops acting in an unfair way towards tourists who want to come and visit it. I have been there three times and have enjoyed every moment of it - a visit to the Rijksmuseum is always a delight, a bike stroll around the canals is a beauty and attending a game at Johan Cruyff Arena is a very pleasant experience. However, after recent measures taken by the city's top officials, I pledge never to go to Amsterdam again (and it is with great sorrow that I say this).

It has recently emerged that Amsterdam - who already has the highest tourist tax in Europe - will request even more money from tourists starting from next year. Most likely, this move will tourists taxes the highest in Europe.

The Dutch capital will be applying a levy of 3 euros per person / night, for travelers staying overnight in hotels; this is in addition to the 7 per cent room rate that they charge.

The authorities are doing everything they can to stop tourists from coming in; they have recently removed the iconic IamAmsterdam sign sign outside the Reijksmuseum and have announced a ban on tourists that are not civilised in the red light district.

We, the undersigned, are deeply disappointed by the way the city is treating tourists, those who pump so much money into the city and keep the economy going. We feel it's so unfair we are treated in this way. The message is clear: stay out of Amsterdam.

Please support my campaign and urge city officials to reconsider their attitude and rescind the recent wave of taxes upon tourists. Thank you!

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