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Petitioning President of Tanzania

Support the black rhinos of Tanzania who are in danger!

by Tracey Jarvis on October 27, 2019


TARGET 1.000 SIGNATURES 186 supporters

The wildlife of Tanzania is in danger, because the authorities are trying to tamper with Mother Nature.

The central authorities are getting ready to build a huge dam in the heart of the Selous Game Reserve, a unique conversation centre, deemed a UNESCO World Heritate Site since 1982; its importance can hardly be described in words.

To finish the dam, over 1, 000 sq km of pristine animal habitat will have to disappear; add the fact that the reservoir which is about to be created will flood even more habitat, and you have a recipe for a natural disaster. Thousands of villagers will also have to relocate – it is so unfair to them, why should they consent to it?

Even a bigger concern is the fact that one of the last habitats for the black rhinos will be wiped off the face of the Earth. Surely, we cannot agree to that.

UNESCO World Heritage as well as other conservationists organizations have called on the government of Tanzania to give it a second thought and ensure better judgement prevails; but they have been met with stark indifference.

The rare and important species located in the Selous Game Reserve must be protected by all means. It should be a no brain to have the Stiegler Gorge Dam project cancelled, but authorities are unwilling to take this natural step.

Please support my campaign and urge the people in power in Tanzania to reconsider and give the wild animals a chance to live. Thank you!


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