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Petitioning FETV

Bring Back Donnie and Marie show!

by Candice Rockwell on September 20, 2019

9.763 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 237 supporters

The Donnie and Marie show has been an icon for the standard of high quality TV programs for years. Cancelling the show was a huge mistake and your audience is extremely disappointed. The show needs to come back again, we miss it so much!

For readers who are not familiar with this show, here are some details that you might find relevant: the show aired on ABC from January 1976 to January 1979; during this short period of time, it has left a mark on the entire television industry.

The show starred brother-and-sister pop duo Donny and Marie Osmond. Donny had first become popular singing in a music group with his brothers, The Osmonds, and Marie was one of the youngest singers to reach No. 1 on the Billboard country music charts, in 1973. 

The show included ice skating number intro, comedy skits, followed by songs performed by the duo. The most famous song performed on the show was I'm a Little Bit Country, I'm a Little Bit Rock and Roll. The show was also picked up by BBC1 in the United Kingdom, where it aired on Sunday afternoon.

The popularity of the show decreased dramatically after it was revealed that Donny was dating Debbie Gleen, meaning that the eligible bachelor was off the market; in addition, some viewers believed the changes made to production in the final season were completely useless and were a mistake.

Donnie and Marie teamed up again in 1998 to host a morning show that lasted for two seasons; the chemistry was still there and the show was highly entertaining, in my opinion. They proved they have still got it

This iconic show deserves another shot at glory! Donnie and Marie have expressed their interest to do the show again, if they are given the possibility. The sales pitch would be extremely easy, given the fact that the FETV network is familiar with the show. Please support my campaign if you agree. I deeply appreciate your support on this matter.


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