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Petitioning Lee Chatfield – Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives

Debarking dogs should become illegal in the state of Michigan!

by Tasha Mcintyre on July 05, 2019

2.556 NEEDED

TARGET 30.000 SIGNATURES 27.444 supporters

When it comes to devocalization (or debarking, as it also known), people who do not want to hear their dogs barking have the option to initiate such a procedure. While many vets refuse to carry it out, there are still a lot of places in the United States that still allow such practices.

Recently, a Michigan lawmaker has initiated a bill that will make this process illegal. The bill, introduced by Rep. Tim Sneller, would ban devocalizing animals, except in the cases which is medically necessary to treat a medical condition. Vets that perform such acts will need to provide a sold justification for their actions or they might receive a hefty fine or risk losing their license. 

We, the undersigned, strongly support the bill, but are extremely concerned about the lack of interest surrounding it; the bill was scheduled to be debated several times in the Michigan House of Representatives, yet it has been delayed without any reason. Meanwhile, the pit bull in the great state of Michigan are at the risk of remaining without a voice (literally). We hereto would also like to inform Rep. Sneller that we greatly appreciate the work he has put in improve animal welfare in Michigan. It would be lovely if his colleagues would exhibit the same levels of enthusiasm and compassion. 

Currently, four stats have banned this procedure and we believe Michigan should follow suit. This surgery is completely unnecessary and dangerous – as complications might easily occur. It is also important to point out the fact that once the procedure is done, dogs lose their ability to communicate and socialize as they normally would, which could lead to issues regarding behavior (for instance, dogs will lose their ability to give warning when they are upset). The stress imposed on them is huge and can easily be avoided; there is no need for such procedures to take place.

Please support this petition to ensure debarking becomes illegal in Michigan. We need your help to ensure this crucial bill receive the necessary support to become a law.


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