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Petitioning To: The Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Don't let America take us down with them!

by Monica Theysen June 05, 2017

19.956 NEEDED

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Dear Mr. Trudeau:

We the under signed  have great concerns regarding what is happening in Trump's America. We believe that the US has been seriously compromised from both within and without the country. It is our feeling that there is a distinct lack of will to stop this child king Trump from destroying America. In light of this we feel compelled to urge you to sever ties with the US and seek other trading partners. To this point Mr. Trump has attacked our lumber industry and our dairy industry.  He has threatened to pull out of NAFTA. He has pulled out of the Paris Accord. He has called Canada dishonest, cheaters and liars. He has attacked numerous allies. He has even aligned his country with an evil dictator. It is evident that the US government no longer represents the values for which we respected them. We feel that the US is on a self destructive course and will eventually fall. If Canada has not become solvent when this happens, we will be dragged down with them. Please Mr. Trudeau. Do what is necessary for Canada. There is no more time to sit and hope Americans wake up. We must act in our best interests now!

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