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Petitioning Secretary of the U.S. Department of Defense – The Hon. Mark Esper

Ensure That Drinking Water Is Clean And Free Of Agent Orange 2.0.!

by Lorna Walton on July 17, 2019

19.875 NEEDED

TARGET 20.000 SIGNATURES 125 supporters

Petition Objective: To ensure drinking water is clean and does not containing Agent Orange 2.0. We must ensure that this type of chemical does not contaminate water any longer.

Petition Text: It has recently come to my attention that the Pentagon might be knowingly poisoning military base residents as well as other innocent civilians; as shocking as this allegation might be, there is strong evidence to support it – and this is the most troubling part of it all.

So where exactly are the roots of this highly unusual case? It all started earlier in 2019, when the Trump administration pushed for the removal of a measure designed to protect the drinking water of Americans. The most likely pollutants (known as PFAS) originate from firefighting foam that is used in many military bases across the country; in circumstances that still remain unknown, these so-called forever chemicals, have infiltrated water supplies across countless communities. At least one class action lawsuit against the US Air Force has been initiated as a result of this contamination.

According to the lawsuit, these substances are extremely dangerous because the body does not absorb or eliminate them, they can linger inside for years (hence the name forever chemicals). Once inside the human body, the list of damaging effects is vast: it can impact hormones, the immune system, the thyroid system, pregnancy and cholesterol levels; it is all linked with high rates of cancer. Simply put, the consequences of these chemicals to the human health are extremely dangerous and cannot be denied or ignored.

According to secret documents leaked to the press, Pentagon officials have been well aware for quite some time about this situation, yet they have refused to intervene. According to a recent estimate from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as many as 1, 800 water systems could be contaminated. The pollutants have been dubbed by military officials as Agent Orange 2.0.

Please support my petition and speak out against the Pentagon and demand that clean water is guaranteed to all Americans. We cannot accept that our military is willing to destroy countless communities only to save a small amount of money, the clean-up costs. The time to act is now, so please sign this campaign and make your voice heard.


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