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Petitioning Flippers Pizza CEO

Flippers Pizza: Do more to protect young workers!

by Lorinda Stump on July 22, 2019

8.378 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 1.622 supporters

Dear friends,

I hope you will agree with me on the follow statement: no matter how good the pizza is, those who prepared it need to be paid accordingly.

I live in Orlando, Florida and probably Flippers Pizza is my favourite place to order out – the pies they bring are absolutely delicious and reasonably priced, the entire family loves them so much. However, it has come to my attention that 11 pizzerias in Florida have come against child labor laws, basically putting profit ahead of the health and wellbeing of theiryoung employees. This is something we cannot accept.

The main complaints are against Flippers, who paid back $27, 000 worth of pay, in addition to over $1, 800 in fines. The complaints showed that salaried workers were not paid accordingly for overtime, many calculations regarding overtime were highly inaccurate (in favour of management, obviously) and many underage persons were compelled to make deliveries – which is against Florida state laws; 7 locations in Orlando were found guilty of these violations. 

I am deeply disappointed and distraught that my favourite pizza parlour is acting in this truly unimaginable way. For everyone, particuarly teenagers, a first job is a milestone and they will always remember it; they put in their heart and soul and certainly have the best intentions; but seeing them overworked and exploited is certainly disheartening and surely shouldn’t be happening. Yet the reality is much different.

On the other hand, major corporations are turning in huge profits, in expense of their workers. So unfair.

We, the undersigned, demand that Flippers Pizza issues a public apology for its actions and vows to improve the wellbeing of their young employees by allowing them to work decent and well paid hours. We will not be ordering from Flippers unless our demands are taken into consideration. Thank you!


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