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Petitioning Karma Nirvana

Forced marriages and honour crimes must be outlawed!

by Jennifer Berkane January 03, 2018

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There is a lot of people who get forced into a marriage and if they do not agree or if they put a shame for the family they are terminated in a brutal way. It is more common now and we need to stop such acts of inhumanity for boys and girls. Many of these kids are as young as 13 years old and they have to marry a man 3 times their age. Most of the time these girls get abused and treated with no respect. In addition, they are not able to go to school and get integrated in society because they are getting married. Let us make a change and put the culprits in jail for life. Let us help these boys and girls to be able to get married for love, on their own terms, when they are adults and know what they are doing. It is just wrong for someone to dictacte their lives! Tradition and religion do not constitute an excuse for such abuses!

For more information about honour-based abuses and forced marriage please visit the Karma Nirvana association's website here:
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Child marriage must come to an end!
A few interesting statistics abould child marriage

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