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Free woman detained for releasing helpless bear cub from a trap!

by Tony Haag on September 09, 2019

76.009 NEEDED

TARGET 100.000 SIGNATURES 23.991 supporters

Catherine McCartney has been sentenced to 15 days behind bars. What did she do? She came about to free a bear cub that was caught in a trap.

Officials in the state of New Jersey placed the trap around a housing complex which was frequently visited by the gentle creature; neighbours have complained for a long time about the situation and thus authorities decided to act.

But when McCartney heard the cries coming from the cub, she decided to set him free, helping reunite with his mother, who was sitting nearby, unable to do anything. The two got away before wildlife officials could figure out what went wrong. It was found that McCartney has tempered with government property and needed to be held to account for her actions

Because of her compassionate gesture, McCartney is now paying a steep price.

We, the undersigned, strongly believe the sentence in this case is extremely unfair and urge that it be removed from her record indefinitely. This woman did what most of us would have done in this situation – free the cub and help reunite him with this mother. This is the law of nature and no other laws were broken here!

Please support my campaign to ensure this kind woman is freed, it would be a true outrage of this does not happen.

Our strength lies in number, we need to unite and ensure the people in power hear and respect our voice!

This is the moment Ms. McCartney is picked up by local police officials
Ms McCartney later appeared in court, charged with tampering of government property
She was handed out a 15 day jail term - we believe this decision is unfair and ask for it to be rescinded!

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