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Petitioning The People of Trinidad & Tobago

Gary Griffith for COP

by Daniel Popplewell January 29, 2018


TARGET 1.000 SIGNATURES 207 supporters
Is time we the people of Trinidad & Tobago stop playing politics with our children's future, we need someone who do not have ties to the already corrupt police system, all these old police officers that are contending this post have been in the system for many years and does nothing, they know all the criminal's from the petty one to the white collar big shots ones even the drug lords, there are many complaints against senior officers for turning a blind eye to known criminal elements within their district; so is time we get rid of all those senior officers who has done nothing but add too the corruption over the years. the only person that seems to have some sort of plan going forward is Mr. Gary Griffith and base on the results from the independent body that was paid around 4 million dollars to evaluate each nominee; the COP should be chosen. why will you spend 4 million to evaluate nominees then toss it aside and just do your own thing as if the people of Trinidad & Tobago are blind and stupid. Is high time this level of corruption STOP.  
All who supports Gary Griffith for COP please share and sign this petition 

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