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We want to save Musafa, the beautiful white lion!

by Isabella Suarez on September 04, 2019

6.876 NEEDED

TARGET 30.000 SIGNATURES 23.124 supporters

Musafa is a gorgeous white lion; there are only a handful of them left in this world.

The story of this precious lion is unbelievable and extremely sad: he was confiscated by the authorities in South Africa and shipped to a wildlife rehabilitation centre; he was paired with Suraya for about three years now and have been a fantastic couple.

This has yet to matter for the officials in South Africa! A sanctuary has offered to take in the two beautiful lions and allow them to live in a more comfortable space, closer to the conditions of their natural habitat. The offer was free of charge. Not only did the wildlife centre refused this generous offer, but now they are considering auctioning Musafa off to the highest bidder to raise funds for the department.

This cannot be acceptable. Musafa and Suraya must remain together and must be transferred to a sanctuary, where they could live in peace and harmony.

We, the undersigned, are united and are determined to be a voice for this majestic lion, who has suffered enough throughout his entire life. The South African officials have shown utter indifference for far too long a period and it is time they start showing some consideration for the wildlife in this country. Musafa did not to deserve such a fate and this is why we firmly believe a just resolution must be achieved in this matter.

Together we must save Musafa from being auctioned off as a trophy, he is more than that!

Please ask the authorities in South Africa to reconsider and do the right thing for these majestic creatures!

This is Musafa, a gorgeous White Lion
The wildlife centre where he is currently held is looking to sell him to raise funds for the institution
Please help save Musafa, he is not a trophy!

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