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We must speak up for Morgan the orca and her baby!

by Zelma Edmond on September 13, 2019

32.879 NEEDED

TARGET 60.000 SIGNATURES 27.121 supporters

It has recently come to my attention that Morgan, the majestic orca that is held in captivity at the Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain has recently given birth to a baby.

Conditions in captivity have been extremely tough for this whale and we, the undersigned, believe that should be released and left to live the rest of her life in peace, in the wild, in her natural habitat, and enjoy motherhood. There is no future for them at this park if we don't do anything to speak up for them.

We must come to her aid and fight for her freedom, because her situation is certainly not normal.

I want to ask a very important question for the estimeed readers of this petition: how would you feel if you were in Morgan’s position? How do you think it is to be trapped in a small swimming pool and not be able to enjoy the vast, glorious ocean? And this is not a temporary situation (a few days or so), but forever. I can’t even begin to describe this experience – one that is unbearable, in my view. Just think of Morgan and her adorable little baby in these situations.

Please support my campaign and be a voice for Morgan the orca and her baby. They deserve better than this! They deserve to be out there in the wild, enjoying life! Thank you all for your interest in this matter.

PS. Scientists believe they have found Morgan's family in the wild. It's essential to pressure the authorities to do the right thing and reunite everyone, in the vast oceans in this world!

This is a photo of beautiful Morgan, the orca
Her captive baby, Ula, is believed to be suffering from a severe infection - and has been neglected by staff at the park where she is held
Will you speak up for Morgan and her baby?

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