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Petitioning US Congress

Help make shark fin soup illegal in the United States!

by Kiki Michel on September 23, 2019

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TARGET 20.000 SIGNATURES 10.052 supporters

Shark finning is the practice of apprehending sharks for their fins (particularly to make shark fin soup, a pricey delicacy in many countries in Asia). As a result of the high demand for shark fins (and incredibly steep selling prices), fishermen are encouraged to catch as many sharks as they can; they slice off their fins and then toss them back into the water, leaving these majestic creatures badly damaged.

A new study conducted by the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) estimated that as many as 73 million sharks perish each year for this delicacy, many of them in the United States. 

As economies grow in Asia, a dish once reserved for the elite is now available to the middle class, and is in huge demand among many Asian communities in China and around the world, including across the United States. Although shark finning is illegal in the USA, the sale and trade of fins is still allowed in most US states and shark fins are imported and re-exported thereby contributing to shark finning and other illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing of sharks. The trade in shark fin is increasing shark catch, placing more pressure on threatened species and is driving overfishing of many shark species.

I started this petition because I strongly believe this practice must end once and for all. I have learned about a bill in the House of Representatives which could very well do that – it’s called the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act. As the name suggests, it will make it against the law to possess, buy or sell shark fins or any product that contains shark fins – the law is designed at a federal level, which is just great.

What isn’t great is the fact that the bill was first introduced in January 2019 and since then no progress has been made – which is nothing short of disappointing. 

Please support my campaign and help protect this vital species. This issue must be tackled without further delay, before it’s too late!

Millions of sharks are captured each year for their fins
The shark fin trade is booming in Asia, but also in the United States, as demand remains high for this delicacy
Help take all dishes containing shark fins off the menu!

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