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We must stop pigeon bowling contests!

by Marjorie Pina on September 12, 2019

-2.811 NEEDED

TARGET 5.000 SIGNATURES 7.811 supporters

It has come to my attention that that at the Horrow Fair in Essex, Ontario there is a contest that is called pigeon bowling. We, the undersigned, ask for this event to be scrapped on a permanent basis and an official apology to be released without delay. We believe such contests have no place in today’s society and sincerely hope our demands will be taken into consideration as soon as possible. This matter must be treated seriously, there should be no question about that.

The live pigeon bowling has received a lot of attention on social media, with  witnesses posting the footage to express their dismay. The videos show how children walk up to a green box and pull out white pigeon, before rolling the birds in the grass as if they were bowling balls. The birds roll over dozens of times and, after dozens of seconds, finally manage to stand up, but looking awfully confused. Meanwhile, the contest received mixed reactions from the public – some of them simply had no idea what was going on, others were clapping and cheering, seemingly enjoying themselves, but others pulled out there phones to record the scenes and expressed their displeasure on social media.

The organisers have defended the event, claiming that the birds roll naturally and this event was only introduced to showcase their natural ability.

It is extremely important to imagine what these birds feel like, being wrapped around and toss on the ground like a bowling ball. It would have to be extremely unpleasant, to say the least!

 Please support my campaign if you agree that pigeon bowling has no place in trade fairs. We want these events to be funny and enjoyable, and such contests certainly prevent that from happening. Thank you!

Videos of the birds that roll over in the grass like bowling balls have received a lot of attention on social media
The contest took place in the town of Essex, Ontario
Support this campaign and speak up for these pigeons, who never wanted to be part in this!

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