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Petitioning UK Parliament

If England win Rugby World Cup, declare Monday as Bank Holiday 2019!

by Mickey Faulk on September 03, 2019

4.008 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 5.992 supporters
We, the undersigned, are set up this campaign because we are avid England fans and believe that they are able to win the World Cup In Japan 2019, then the entire nation deserves a big fat holiday on Monday, November 3rd, to have to recover and properly celebrate this magnificent result.

I sincerely hope everyone will agree with my campaign, because i set it up from the bottom of my heart.

Obviously, we all know that the All Blacks are the big favourites, but England have been doing well when they played as underdogs.

England routed Tonga in the first game, there were some mistakes, but the Jonny Wilkinson's squad looked pretty good overall; now, they are getting ready to face the USA, amid a good training session - as the coach described it. Other adversaries include France and Argentina.

Please show your support and urge the UK Parliament to debate our petition and ensure a Bank Holiday is declared on November 3rd should England win this extremely important trophy and bring glory back home!

Thank you all for your interest in this matter. I hope as many as you will be glued to the TV sets and support our team properly. They need all the help they can get.

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