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Petitioning The Honourable Boris Johnson – UK Prime Minister

Make train fares most affordable in the United Kingdom!

by Edwina Rogers on July 16, 2019

8.687 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 1.313 supporters

As you all might be aware, traveling by plane has become something all too common anywhere in the word; however, while it might be convenient and popular, it is not particularly environmentally-friendly. For instance, a place on a medium haul flight will release nearly 200 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, while a the same distance traveled by train with release just 24 kg, a far smaller number This is why I decided to set up this petition and urge the United Kingdom government to find ways to make other methods of transportation (i.e. railway travel) more affordable to the public. With more and more British citizens concerned about the environment, pushing such measures could prove to be a very good and well received idea. 

On the other hand, the stark reality is that train tickets are extremely pricey in the UK – on average, at least three times the cost of a plane ticket. Consequently, less citizens have the opportunity to travel by train and this shouldn’t be that way. For working or middle class citizens, using this method of transportation could sometimes prove to be a luxury. As a result, these people choose to save and travel by plane, in spite of being detrimental to the environment. The goal of the UK government is to allow people to travel as conveniently as possible and keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum, but sadly this is not happening right now. The matter is urgent, because already the UK’s carbon footprint is one of the highest in the world, and the trend indicates it will only continue to grow at extremely high rates.

We, the undersigned, call upon the government to take action and ensure more affordable train fares across the country – trains are far more reliable than planes, more comfortable and ecologically sound. If the ticket prices were reduced (via subsidies for instances) this measure would encourage eco-friendly transport on a massive scale and Planet Earth would ultimately benefit tremendously.

I think it is time the government tackled other issues besides Brexit!

Hoping we will raise as many signatures as possible for this very important cause, I wish to thank everyone to who took the time to read and support this campaign. Many thank to all of you.


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