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Petitioning Mark Emmert – President of the NCAA

NCAA must cut ties with school that disctriminates against LGBT!

by Perry Duvall on July 25, 2019

9.668 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 332 supporters

Petition Objective: To single out Baylor University, an institution that does not have any moral compass and does not respect the LGBT community in any shape or form.

Petition Text:

Baylor University has recently made nationwide headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. No student enrolled here has come up with an invention that would change the dimension of mankind, but rather for the outrageous discrimination against LGBT students. Given these circumstances, we strongly believe the NCAA must intervene and sanction the university by cutting all ties with it.

What is going on, to be more specific. The school’s LGBT lobby group has been denied the chance to speak and has not been officially recognised for almost a decade; Baylor is the only college of the Big 12 that forbids LGBT students from getting together, actions that are in clear contradiction with Title IX, which protects the right of all students, regardless of their gender and orientation. It is also important to point out that Baylor has not applied for religious exemptions from such rules. 

Up to this point, Baylor has managed to get away with everything and this has only given its leaders more courage, thinking that they will be able to navigate any form of opposition that comes along. 

The best way to deal with the ignorance at Baylor University is to pursue the powerful NCAA to intervene and cut all ties with this institution; the fact that this university is still allowed to play in this prestigious league is completely unacceptable. A failure to take action means that the NCAA are directly supporting the actions of Baylor University. If this is not the case, they why keep quiet? 

Please support my campaign to denounce the blatant discrimination at Baylor University by having the institution barred from the NCAA. We must apply as much pressure as possible to ensure our demands are taken into account, so I urge every readers to take action. 

Thank you all for your remarkable support. I will update you as soon as I have news.


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