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Petitioning Georges River Council

NO Pavilion on Evatt Park. Keep Webbs Dam Natural.

by Sandra Ridley January 06, 2018


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In a day and age where people are recognising the importance of preserving nature, the Lugarno Progressive Association (LPA) have lodged a DA with Georges River Council, to have a large (10.9m x 6.75m) concrete and metal permanent stage (pavilion) erected on the edge of Webbs Dam in Evatt Park, Lugarno.

This area is a beautiful, peaceful spot full of plants and wildlife, including ducks which children love to go and visit. And ugly and very expensive (tax payers money) in this area is totally unnecessary. The community can continue to have the annual music in the park concert but on portable stages, as they have always have before, these are sufficient and not invasive.

The environment would greatly suffer as the area is a natural water run off, blocking the path will cause detrimental damage to the grasses and plants in the area and in turn to the wildlife. 

Safety is also a huge issue. Children could easily fall into the dam if they go behind the structure as they would not be seen. Surrounding residents and their properties will also be less secure and greatly disturbed by potential large crowds and music. The structure would no doubt become a meeting point for undesirables.

Please help us save Evatt Park by signing our petition so we can let Georges River Council know that we do not want a permanent pavilion on Webbs Dam as we want to preserve this recreational area for future generation to enjoy.

PS. You might also like to submit your objection of DA2017/0623 on the Georges River Council website. The address is 1116 Forest Road, Lugarno and submissions close January 19.

Thank you for helping us make a difference.

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