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Petitioning The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Oppose beach development that will harm the Bethany firefly!

by Zandra Bagwell on July 13, 2019

7.847 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 2.153 supporters

We, the undersigned, call for the authorities in Bethany Beach, Delaware to put a halt to all beach developments that would cause tremendous harm to the Bethany firefly, a unique and marvellous species that is facing extinction. Its natural habitat is in danger and we urge the people in power to find alternative solutions and do everything in their power to protect and save these beautiful creatures.

It is important to point out that nowhere else in the world does a firefly broadcast such wonderful, distinctive green-coloured lights (please see the photo above); for over 60 years, these creatures have delighted beach-goers that have opted to stay after sunset. Now, the tide is changing, because the same beach-goers are fastly approaching the duners where the fireflies have established their home; in addition, invasive species and rising sea levels are other factors that are contributing to the slow, but sure demand of this species.

The solution is simple: should the US Government opt to put the firefly on its list of federal endangered species, all projects around the area will be automatically blocked; even if they were to be challenged in court, they would most likely not succeed. The Bethany firefly deserves this status, because it shouldn’t be allowed to go extinct; we still need these beautiful creatures to bright up the nights while still enjoying a superb summer night on the beach. 

I would like to also point out that there are no other fireflies on the endangered species list, despite the fact that their numbers are quickly decreasing and are now at record low numbers. Perhaps the time has come to do something for them and stop being indifferent to their difficulties. No beach expansion is worth wiping out an entire species of insects!

To ensure the light of the firefly is not turned off, we need everyone to take action and apply as much pressure as possible on the US government. Our strength lies in number so we must unite and show the people in power just how much these fireflies mean to us. We will not allow this species to cease to exist, it is our moral obligation to save it.


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