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Petitioning Petland Management

Petland must stop the sale of bunnies, kittens and puppies!

by David Peterson on September 02, 2019

8.778 NEEDED

TARGET 20.000 SIGNATURES 11.222 supporters

In April of this year, the Humane Society of the United States shared their findings after a five-month hidden camera investigation into Petland, the very popular pet store chain. The investigation found that bunnies received no medical care whatsoever despite the state of Virginia having a law that requires rabbits kept as pets be given veterinary care to prevent suffering or disease transmission. In other words, the policy of this store is to allow these rabbits to perish.

Probably the most unsettling part of the investigation is the indifference shown by the employees when it comes to the rabbits health and lives. The employees said things like: we just let them to perish; or normally the sick ones just kind of die out.

The animals were stuffed in the freezer once they stopped breathing (and CCTV footage caught the employes right in the act). Yet it gets even worse. The investigation found that the store’s primary rabbit supplier in Maryland is an unlicensed rabbit mill that is keeping 200 rabbits in dirty, crowded and overall extremely poor conditions.

In addition, since 2006, the Humane Society has received more than 1, 300 complaints about Petland selling sick puppies.

Petland must show responsibility and stop selling bunnies, but also kitten and puppies. This failing business model must be replaced before it's too late.

Urge Petland to stop empowering mills and support this campaign right away. Please sign this petition, because these bunnies deserve better conditions. Thank you!

Puppies are treated extremely poorly in Petland stores
Bunnies are not treated better either
It was uncovered earlier this year that 14 rabbits perished in the freezer in a Petland store in Fairfax County, Virginia

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