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Petitioning Special Needs School Transport

Place Cameras on School Buses For Special Needs Students

by Enola Colvin March 20, 2017


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There is nothing more horrifying than putting your child with multiple disabilities on a bus for transport with untrained, low wage workers to school and back especially when your child has trouble saying what is happening to them or with them during the transportation.

At the moment there are no laws to protect these students from danger during transportation and many things can happen without the fear of punishment for the ones that are responsible.

A system that will supervise our children during transportation is badly needed to keep track of what happens on the transport buses and prevent anything bad to happen to these innocent children that cannot fend for themselves.

In the name of the children I am asking you to sign my petition and help me fight for this much needed cause! Help me convince the Special Needs School Transport to implement cameras on school buses for special needs students.


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