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Petitioning The Supreme Court of the United States

Prevent President Trump From Revoking California's Climate Laws!

by Anderson Holmes on September 23, 2019

16.889 NEEDED

TARGET 40.000 SIGNATURES 23.111 supporters
Just recently, President Trump decided to revoke California's right to set its own standards when it comes to emissions that cars produce. We, the undersigned, feel this decision is completely inappropriate, a move backwards that must be rescinded as soon as possible. 

California has set the standard extremely high when it comes to emissions and it has even convinced major auto companies to go ahead with its plan. Well done! Revoking these emissions is pure stupidity. The White House claims the cars that are currently sold are too expensive for customers; revoking these emissions will lead to cheaper cars and therefore to more jobs in the US auto sector. This is the thinking of a five year old. 

But what about the future of this Planet? Doesn't that count for anything? 

California, as well as other 23 states in the US, have announced they are suing the Trump Administration over this matter. They have vowed to fight tooth and nail to ensure the right cause will prevail and we can only commend them for doing so

Please support my campaign and urge those in power to do everything they can to ensure these crucial laws do not suffer any alterations. Thank you!

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