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Petitioning The Honourable Margaret Beazley, Governor of New South Wales

Prevent coal mine from destroying quiet and lovely little town!

by Richard Mallory on July 30, 2019

4.218 NEEDED

TARGET 5.000 SIGNATURES 782 supporters

We, the undersigned, are hereto calling on the authorities in New South Wales, Australia to end the plight of a small community and shut down the coal mine that has plagued this area for years – in the name of peace, humanity and the environment.

The coal mine in question is owned by Peabody Wilpinjong – and has destroyed many lives in the town of Wollar; while the mine has grown significantly over the past few years, it has forced dozens of families to sell their properties and move out; in addition, the level of pollution has sky rocketed since; in fact, matters have gotten so worse that the only primary school in town has shut down as a result of severe pollution and the lack of funds. 

Wollar is basically somewhat of ghost town – the few who have opted to remain are deeply unsettled about what is going on there. Simply put, the mining company has taken control over the lives of everyone and has essentially bought the entire community; To be more specific: they have polluted the entire area and made it extremely difficult to enjoy life anymore, they have driven away thousands of families and have left children without a school. All for the safe of tremendous profit. Is this acceptable to you?

There is no doubt in my mind that if the coal mine remains, the once beautiful and. Cosy town of Wollar will cease to exist. We cannot let this happen. Corporate greet should never prevail in any situation – sadly, this seems to be the case here.

What are the authorities doing? Very little – their policy is to encourage investment in rural areas, regardless of the consequences. They have yet to receive the memo that renewable energy is the future on Planet Earth. How much longer can we keep quiet while this community is facing such tremendous pressure from the corporate sector, with the blessing of the regional government itself.

Please support my campaign and urge the governor of South Wales to intervene and do what is right for the community of Wollar: the coal mine must disappear; its energy might be cheap to produce, but the price paid by this community is too high.


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