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Petitioning The President of the ASPCA; NYPD Commissioner

Promote heroes that saved mother cat and her babies from storm drain!

by Tess Baker on July 06, 2019

2.062 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 7.938 supporters

I set up this petition after reading about the fantastic rescue of a mother cat and her precious babies from a storm drain in Bronx neighborhood, in New York City. My heart simply filled with happiness and joy and I believe these fine people deserve to be promoted and receive a raise for their tremendous efforts.

Here are the details of this heroic rescue operation: The people responsible are Mohamed Khaled, a caseworker for the ASPCA community engagement program in Bronx, NY and Paul Mayr, liaison to the NYPD; their collaboration was extremely fruitful and nothing short of amazing. 

During a local event which took place just as the sun was setting, Mr. Mayr was approached by a concerned member of the public who believed he had some valuable information to share – a mother cat and her babies were in urgent need of help, after being stuck in a storm drain; Mr. Mayr went to investigate and quickly learned that the predicament was a bit bigger that initially thought. But Mr. Mayr did not abandon that helpless cat and returned the following day well equipped and ready for business – alongside his trusted partner, Mr. Khaled. The mother cat and her babies are now safely recovering at an APSCA shelter, they are doing OK and are in good condition. Please see the photo above, the kittens are so tiny and precious, their fur is absolutely gorgeous. Since no one has claimed ownership, most likely the mother was a stray, trying to make ends meet alongside her babies on the difficult streets of New York City. Hopefully, a loving and caring family will be able to adopt them in the near future. 

We, the undersigned, strongly feel that the actions of Mr. Mayr and his partner, Mr. Khaled cannot go unnoticed under any circumstances. These people could have easily walked away and solve other cases – instead, they opted to return and perform a magnificent rescue. We cannot thank them enough for their service.

Their superiors must take action and ensure these heroes are appreciated for their work as they should be. Common sense dictates that. Please show your support and ensure these gentlemen are promoted and receive a raise, it’s the least we can ask given what they have managed to perform.


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