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Petitioning TN Legislature

Reduce TN Testing

by Robert Jordan February 22, 2018

499.739 NEEDED

TARGET 500.000 SIGNATURES 261 supporters
     Over the past decade the state of TN has increased the amount of testing for our primary and secondary students.  When I was in high school over 30 years ago, we had one state test.  When I became an educator 20 years ago there were three state tests at the high school level.  If I have counted correctly there are currently nine subjects tested in high school and some of those have multiple sub-tests.  This leads to multiple weeks of testing and multiple weeks of preparing for the tests.  All this time could be spent on learning.  
     What do we receive from these tests?  Nothing-except data.  Because these tests are state tests and not national tests like the ACT or SAT, there is no way to use this data other than an internal comparison of TN students with other TN students.  
     I propose that the state legislature pass new legislation for secondary schools. The testing allowed by law would include the Plan/ACT or PSAT/SAT or other national tests like the ASVAB or certification tests like ASE.  These tests actually have meaning related to the students' futures.  Any tests added to the initial list of tests would require ratification by citizen vote.
     If anyone with expertise in primary school testing would like to add advise on how the legislature handle primary school testing feel free to post and I can amend the petition.  
     If you are not a TN resident and will not be able to vote in the November election please do not sign.

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