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Petitioning Mr. Mike Pompeo – Secretary of State

Remove Matthew Gebert from the US State Department effective immediately!

by Presley Abel on July 18, 2019

7.678 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 2.322 supporters

Dear friends,

I hope you can all agree that white supremacy is starting to become one of the most serious topics of discussion in the United States. The people who are part of this group have no heart and soul in my vision and don’t deserve to be treated with dignity or respect. Having set that, I have picked up the story about a suspected White Nationalist working in the US State Department and hereto ask Mr. Pompeo to have him removed from his workplace on a permanent basis.

Matthew Gebert is the person in question; he is known as Coach Finstock, according to a report by Southern Poverty Law Center; Mr Gebert uses this alias to promove his toxic views about a US nation that had gotten rid of all people of colour and is only led with the pure, white race; the newly formed country would be called The Fatherland; it appears many of his friends on social media also think in the same manner. Furthermore, it turns out he has attended the Unite the right rally in North Carolina for the past couple of years; his convictions are obviously strong and there shouldn’t be any joking on this subject. When the story was picked up by national media, Gebert was quick to deny any affiliation with the White nationalist movement; he has been put on leave pending an investigation.

We, the undersigned, strongly feel that such people should not serve in the government and therefore benefit from any taxpayers money. Simply put, the last thing this country needs is to have government officials with such type of radical views. In spite of his strong denials, Gebert knows exactly what kind of agenda he is promoting. Such views have no place in the United States. There is simply too much division in this country. We must all come together and a nation, not be ignorant and fight each other over silly, childish subjects such as the colour of our skin – and if I am allowed to quote the President, there are fine people on both sides, so the race card should not be played under any circumstances.

Please support my campaign and do not let Gebert get away with his hateful views and his endless lies; this type of propaganda must be stopped for good. We ask Gebert is ousted by the State Department as soon as possible and not allowed to work in any government position from now on. Thank you for your support.


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