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Petitioning President of the United States of America; Department of Public Health; Department of Infectious Disease and Control; Department of Agriculture

Remove sodium fluoride from the drinking water in the USA

by Laurene Labriola April 18, 2018

1.999.624 NEEDED

TARGET 2.000.000 SIGNATURES 376 supporters
It is a proven fact that there is sodium fluoride in our drinking water. We get a water report annually or every two years.  It is listed right on there in black-and-white. Sodium fluoride along with other metals, chlorine iron etc. Sodium fluoride is a hazardous fertilizer waste  that  calcifies the brain.  It creates Alzheimer's and  many other health ailments, in young children and older adults. This is a toxic poison and it needs to be removed from the water.

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Petition to The ADA ( American Dental Association ), EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency), Potus ( President of the UNITED STATES), CDC ( Center for Dieasese Control) REMOVE SODIUM FLUORIDE FROM: DRINKING WATER!   First, I would like too rebuttle the assumption that sodium fluoride is safe! If you take the time too look up the MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet) OR SDS ( Safety Data Sheet), You will quick... read more Written by Joseph Baker

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