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Sarah the jaguar deserves to be relocated to a proper sanctuary!

by Adria Courtney on September 29, 2019

87.486 NEEDED

TARGET 200.000 SIGNATURES 112.514 supporters

Dear animal lovers,

I am in dire need of assistance to ensure this beautiful, majestic jaguar is freed from captivity and allowed to go a sanctury were she can start enjoying life for the first time. We need as many signatures as possible so I am counting on everyone’s uncondition support – the signing tools are at the bottom of the page, it only takes a second to add your name.

Sarah attacked a visitor through the wire of her enclosed space at the Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona in March 2019; a witness came forward and stated that the victim was actually at fault, after crossing over a barrier in an attempt to take a selfie with Sarah.

While for many superficial people, Sarah is the one responsible, it is actually the zoo itself that is responsible for the attack. It is important to understand the stressful nature of Sarah’s life at the zoo; normally, jaguars are allowed to roam free in the African wilderness, where they are one of the quickest animals in the pack. Meanwhile, Sarah is placed on exhibition to hundreds of visitors each day. In a noisy environment, she was clearly stressed, feeling miserable and unhappy and this is how she vented her frustrations. Her actions are nothing but a call for help. Sarah was basically informing the entire world she is extremely uncofortable in her current environment and demands a change.

To make matters worse, after the incident, Sarah has been shipped to a private enclosure, where she was left to sit all by herself. Jaguars are highly intelligent, sociable creatures and placing them in solitary confinement will only make matters worse for er.

Sarah is clearly not coping well with her stay at this zoo and we, the undersigned, strongly believe she must be sent to a proper sanctuary, where she could live the rest of her life in peace and enjoy a larger and more natural environment.

Please show your support for Sarah, she did nothing wrong, it’s only her nature to react in this way. Her time in captivity must come to an end as soon as possible!


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