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Petitioning Tom Wolf – Governor of Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Save Pennsylvania’s bog turtle from becoming extinct!

by Berenice Buck on July 11, 2019

2.141 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 7.859 supporters

We, the undersigned, are extremely worried about the fate of the majestic bog turtles in Pennsylvania and hereto urge wildlife authorities in the state to do mobilize and do everything in their power to ensure the protection of this great species, before it’s too late.

Here are some important facts that need to be put out there. First of all, the bog turtle is a critically endangered species all across Pennsylvania – it is small, yet so beautiful; but properly development has meant that lots of its habitat has been lost. Simply put, these turtles have nowhere else to go.

Secondly, since their wetland habitat is extremely fragmented, it is almost impossible for them to relocate and find a new home – migration is virtually impossible.

Third of all, other great causes for concern include extensive water pollution, massive construction of roads as well as invasive predators that have been poking into its natural habitat, bringing the numbers of this species further down; I would also add government indifference to this list; many activists have signaled this problem for years and have warned compelling action is imperative, yet the people in power have chosen to look remain silent, nonchalantly looking the other way. This is certainly not the right approach! These turtles might be only four inches wide, but they also have a heart and deserve to be saved.

It is obvious that much more must be done to protect this magnificent species before it’s too late. The authorities in Pennsylvania must wake up and prove to the entire community they are sensitive about the plight of this species.

Please take action and help save the bog turtle! I will deliver this petition to the Department of Environmental Protection of Pennsylvania, as well as the Governor – I have seen him on TV on numerous occasions and he seems to be a rather decent man, I hope he will listen to our demands and work with wildlife authorities to come up with a plan on this extremely important issue.


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