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Petitioning President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla, Director and Vice-Minister of Environmental Management

Stop The Harvesting Of Endangered Turtle Eggs

by Enola Colvin on June 22, 2018


TARGET 5.000 SIGNATURES 4.106 supporters
Who doesn't love turtles? We all enjoy seeing them swim free but now their species is in trouble thanks to illegal poaching.

More than half of the world's seven species of marine turtles nest on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the Pacific Green, the Leatherback, the Hawksbill and the Olive Ridley.

Turtle eggs are considered aphrodisiacs and the demand for them is worldwide and that is how the species found its way to the illegal black market. On one side we have the locals that gather the eggs and on the other side the turtles that survive are being hunted for their meat and end up in fishing nets.

In an effort to save the turtle, almost 20 years ago, Costa Rica created a legal harvest of turtle eggs but without the proper funds they can't regulate it from illegal poaching creating an ever-flourishing black market.

That is why I am asking all the animal lovers to sign this petition and help me gather signatures to urge Costa Rica to return to the original law and ban the taking of turtle eggs. Take part in protecting the sea turtles and help save their species from extinct.


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