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Petitioning Dave Leach, CEO of Greyhound Lines

Stop border patrol agents from raiding Greyhound buses!

by Sharleen Smiley on July 24, 2019

9.856 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 144 supporters

Dear fellow readers of this campaign,

I am well aware that immigration is an extremely divise subject in the United States and I hope as many as you will support my petition, because I feel that the policies implemented by Greyhound Lines, one of the biggest transport firms in the US, are unsettling and wrong.

What is the problem in question? Border patrol agents are now being allowed to hop on Greyhound buses and detain immigrats – the actions seem to have the blessing of the company, as no Greyhound official has spoken against the practices. We feel that this is a clear infringement of a person’s right to be protected against an unlawful search and seizure; there is no probable cause for stopping these buses and searching these travelers. One needs to have a reasonable cause for concern, as well as a warrant, to initiate such actions 

We feel that Greyhound is a big enough company to put an end to such practices – or at least try to do so. But company officials have failed to even lodge a basic complaint or demand an explanation for US immigration services. Instead of taking a stance, they are cooperating with the government without remorse. What about its customers? Greyhound is not only taking their money, but also facilitates their detention and possible removal from this country.

And on what grounds, we ask? How would you feel if you paid a bus ticket and you would be subjected to an illegal border patrol raid? Even if you have nothing to hide (which is the case in 99.99 per cent of situations), this experience must feel degrading, perhaps humiliating and certainly time-consuming.

We, the undersigned, feel that private buses should not be raided by border patrol agents unless there are special circumstances; if Greyhound hears enough resistance against such raids, we are border agents will back down.

Please support my campaign and urge the top executives at Greyhound to do the right thing and support the right of their customers under any circumstances! Thank you!


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