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Petitioning Head of the U.S. Forest Service – Ms. Vicki Christiansen

Stop massive pollution at the Gilla National Forest in New Mexico!

by Kim Gatlin on July 04, 2019

99.508 NEEDED

TARGET 100.000 SIGNATURES 492 supporters

Dear friends of the environment,

Our environment is once again attacked by the greedy ranchers and utter indifference exhibited by the authorities in the US state of New Mexico. I am therefore compelled to ask everyone reading this campaign for your support and ensure our forests are saved before it’s too late.

The land in question is the Gilla National Forest, situated in the state of New Mexico. If one was to be teleported in this area, it would thing it is heaven – spectacular views, ecologically diverse and filled with rare wildlife, spectacular plants and majestic species of animals – all call this patch of land their home. It is on their behalf that we are carrying out in this campaign, because they don’t have a voice to speak up and report the injustices they encounter. 

The indifference of the authorities is staggering and the fact that the law is not followed is truly inexcusable. For instance, widespread cattle damage has been reported, despite the fact that it is illegal for cattle to venture into the rivers and streams of the national forest; moreover, water pollution has become something all too common; dozens of endangered species rely on these vital sources of water, yet nothing is being done to keep them clean. The consequences could be dire – yet authorities continues to disregard this issue.

Those responsible – ranchers and farmers – are never held accountable for their actions and this emboldens them even further to keep on carrying out illegal activities, knowing there is no oversight.

This situation can get a whole lot worse if no action is taken. We, the undersigned, demand that the authorities step in and ensure the Gilla National Forest is protected from being completely destroyed; it would be such a shame for a thing to happen. A while ago, this would have been a wild theory, today this is starting to become more and more a reality.

Please support my campaign and help preserve the wonderful eco-system of the Gilla National Forest. Thank you for taking action.


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