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Petitioning The Philippine Government and the United Nations

Stop the Persecution of the Tribal People of the Philippines!

by Enola Colvin June 22, 2018

7.691 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 2.309 supporters

Besides the world that we know, as human beings, the technological world, there are other “worlds” too. Or, to be politically correct, there are regions and people pertaining to those regions that hold onto their ancestors, their traditions, their lifestyles, their species. They are those pure people who are isolated, as we say. They have been untouched by technology. They are the truly free people.

Most of the people think that they resemble the Neanderthals, that they are still stuck in that primitive way of living. They eat what they find in the woods, they fish in the river, or ocean, they fight for they land how the first people did.

The tribal people, as they are called, are becoming fewer and fewer. Their population diminishes because of our people, the urban people who are interested in them, in how they live, how they keep themselves alive, how do they survive, so, due to TV shows, or researchers, we entered their regions. We have brought there our crew, too: cameramen, gadgets, technology, urban ‘stuff’, etc. ‘Civilized’ people are amazed about the tribal culture, about how tribal people care about it and preserve it, but they are also afraid that their tribe will, eventually, be extinct.

In southern Philippine, in the complex of three islands, the second largest and southernmost major island in the Philippines is Mindanao (also known as The Philippines' Land of Promise). They have quite a population, as the statistics say, around 21, 968, 174 people.

The president of Philippines wants to exploit their territories for industrial purposes, but the indigenous people wouldn’t agree, so president Benigno Aquino began a campaign against and those who opposed to his exploitation of those territories ended up suffering. The military forces were involved.

The Lumads, as they are known under this name, were attacked for protecting their land, their children, their culture, their lives. It has to stop! Those who want to protect them initiated a protest and they declared the following: “These human rights abuses glaringly persist in the ancestral domains where the big and foreign mining companies and agri-plantations operate”.

Stop the Attacks on the Lumad, Indigenous Peoples in Mindanao!


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