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Petitioning Mayor of Bucharest - Gabriela Firea

Support a Formula 1 street race in Bucharest, Romania!

by Celeste Call on August 02, 2019

19.498 NEEDED

TARGET 20.000 SIGNATURES 502 supporters
Dear friends,
My name is Celeste, I am a huge Formula 1 race fan and I have been living for the past three years in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, a city that is wonderful once you get to know it.

I have been watching Formula 1 since I was a kiddo and would admire Mika Hakkinen, David Coulthard and obviously Michael Schumacher; I have attended numerous events, including the latest race in Belgium. I enjoy them so much and they are a true pleasure, as I believe every F-1 fan might say.

I have found the city of Bucharest perfect for a street race, similarly to the one in Monte Carlo; in Romania, it very well could feature the Palace of Parliament, which is the second biggest building in the world, after the Pentagon. It very much resembles a Communist style if you ask me, but the views around the track would be fantastic nonetheless. 

This race could have substantial benefits for both sides: for the F-1 organisation, it could penetrate new markets and for the city, hosting such a prestigious event would bring significant revenues.

This can work, there is no question about it. All F-1 fans in Romania need to unite and show the authorities in Bucharest the support for such an ambitious project are there. I will deliver the campaign once it has reached 10, 000 signatures, which I think is a reasonable number in these circumstances. 

Thank you all in advance for your outstanding support.

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