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Petitioning Governor of West Virginia – Mr. Jim Justice; Donald Trump – US President

Support an end to coal mining in the Appalachain Mountains!

by Elfreda Laird on July 20, 2019

9.567 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 433 supporters

Dear friends of the environment,

I have set up this campaign with the unique objective of bringing obsolete and unhealthy coal mining in the Appalachian region of West Virginia. I hope all of you with acknowledge the importance of this petition and will rally behind it with a full heart. 

It is important to point out that even West Virginia coal miners are in favor of the Green New Deal that would end this industry for good – the miners are extremely disappointed with the current US Administration, as the President promised to revive the industry as he pushed to become elected into office back in 2016. The gradual decline of the coal industry is crystal clear and there are no more hopes to revitalize it in the area. Everyone seems to know the end is near, yet it continues to cling by a thread.

The view of the miners is not shared by anyone in the US administration, however. Nor has the government pushed for measures to bring the coal industry back on its feet, nor has it come up with a plan to replace it. What is certain is that the US President is not willing at all to support the Green New Deal, claiming it would take away millions of jobs – while the coal industry is barely alive, thanks to massive aid for the Republican-controlled Senate. The people in power must understand that coal is no longer a reliable source of energy, it’s a mere thing of the past – yes, it is cheaper, but extremely damaging to the environment and the working conditions are extremely difficult. We must look towards renewable energies for a greener future. But the transitions towards cleaner energy sources has not even begun for this White House, which is nothing short of troublesome.

Please support my campaign and urge the people in power to do the right thing and close the coal mining industry once and for all and start planning for the future. It’s the correct call and we fully support such a measure.

Thank you all for your support. I will update the campaign as soon as I have an official response for the authorities.


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