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Petitioning Gary Bettman - NHL Commissioner

Support more outdoor NHL games starting 2021/2022 season!

by Georgene Mangum on July 31, 2019

14.339 NEEDED

TARGET 40.000 SIGNATURES 25.661 supporters
Dear hockey fans from all across North America,
I am writing these humble words as the new NHL season is about to kick in (obviously, can't wait for that to happen). However, something besides the poor performance of my favourite team is bothering me: I firmly believe it would be a great idea for the league to expand its series of games played outdoor (all of which were nationally televised).

The mood during an outdoor game is completely difference, you can literally feel the excitement up in the air and the energy is top notch, kind of what you get during a play-off encounter (even better, probably). But the league is hosting far too few games of this kind - for the past years, it has only hosted one game; last season it hosted 3 and this year it will organise 4. While the numbers have indeed gone up, they can do way better. 

In addition to the excitement of an outdoor game, the league can benefit tremendously as a result of these games, both marketing wise and financially (hosting a game on a football stadium filled with 50, 000 is a far better recipe that hosting the game in a 15, 000 indoor arena).

I simply don't see why the league is reluctant to promote more of these fantastic games. Hopefully this campaign will pursue the league to hear our demands and bring more outdoor games for the 2021/2022 season.

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