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Petitioning Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Kenya

Support the permanent cancellation of Kenya’s first coal plant!

by Carolin Kirk on July 03, 2019

8.827 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 1.173 supporters

I have recently learned that Kenya is looking to build its first coal plant and there seems to be a very heated debate on this topic. When I first read the article, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. Why would anyone be willing to start producing energy on coal, when this souce of energy is long past its prime? I find no reasonable explanation for it, yet the project is very serious.

Following public outrage, the construction has been suspended for 30 days, but the government seems to be determined to carry out this project at all costs. It is extremely important to point out that while this form of energy is extremely cheap, it can damage the environment with grave consequences; it is a practice that was successfully performed last century and should have no place in today’s modern world. 

Until the final decision is pronounced, all plans to build the coal mine remain in limbo, after a judge has tripped the construction company of its licenses to operate.

While suspension is a promising start, we must put all our efforts into this case to ensure this decadent project is rejected for good and is never allowed to materialize. Kenya has a huge solar energy potential, clean and unlimited energy – it should very well be focusing all resources on this type of green energy. Why are the authorities doing the opposite? Trying to rely on obsolete, widely polluting technology is certainly not the proper way to look to the future.

This coal plant will have irreversible consequences upon the country’s coastline and will harm the population tremendously. We cannot, in good conscience, allow such a thing to happen.

Please support this campaign and ensure Kenya’s first coal mine project is permanently cancelled and never allowed to come to fruition. We pledge to do everything in our power to protect the environment and ensure Kenya uses clean energy and maximizes its green energy potential. It would be a huge mistake to leave such resources untapped. The future generations will thank us!


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