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Petitioning The US Congress

We need your help to keep regional hospitals open for patients!

by Christiana Little on September 08, 2019

11.756 NEEDED

TARGET 20.000 SIGNATURES 8.244 supporters

Rural hospitals aren’t just providers of indispensable medicine and health care, but also constitute a huge employer for local communities, as well a great part of any town’s financiar pillar (through the taxes they paint). In fact, one in seven jobs in rural America come from the local hospital. However, more and more regional hospital in the US are facing tremendous challenges that are forcing them to merge or even to shut down their activity altogether.

An alarming statistic: since 2019, 95 rural hospital have closed, while other 380 have merged between 2005 and 2016. It is clear that in this one-size-fits-all medical system, rural hospitals have been left behind and are in danger of completely falling apart.

The problem is evident and we, the undersigned, believe Congress must step in and help these institutions overcome their current problems to ensure the greatness of the health care system on a nationwide scale. 

A recent report from the American Hospital Association indicates that the problems rural hospitals are facing are a mixture of old ones (aging infrastructure, dire need of staff), emerging problems (potential cyber attacks, safety of personal data) or more recent (the opioid crisis, changes in federal oversight).

The issues must be tackled by Congress withotu delay. And, perhaps, most importantly of all, additional funding must be provided to these hospitals.

We feel that taking action on this issue is extremely important. No patient should have to worry about his or her access to health care, regardless of the region they live. No one should have to worry about the fact that a local hospital might close, because of the indifference of the federal government.

If you believe in a nationwide health care system, they we will stand up for rural hospitals by all means necessary, they are a vital part in this society. Americans from all over the country, we must unite on this extremely important matter. 

Thank you all for your interest in this topic. 

These are the current challenges of US rural hospitals
According to the Government Accountability Office, rural hospital closures has more than doubled over past five years
Help keep rural hospitals open!

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