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Petitioning Sonny Perdue – US Secretary of Agriculture

The US Government must do more to protect meatpackers!

by Doris Grover on July 28, 2019

9.634 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 366 supporters

Dear fellow readers,

I sincerely would like to thank everyone reading and supporting my campaign; the goal is to protect the health and livelihood of meatpackers in the United States. We, the undersigned, believe they have been forgotten by the authorities and have been treated extremely poorly throughout of the past years. We feel this unjust treatment must be discontinued right away and we are urging the government to step in and take action.

The main problems are heavy deregulation and the gross lack of oversight, all started by the Trump Administration as soon as they took office in early 2017. These moves have led to major corporations putting speed and productivity before workers safety; as a result of the pressure applied to produce record number of products, the health of the workers have been seriously put into question – symptoms include cronic fatigue, exhaustion, various illnesses and even loss of limbs – barely covered by insurance companies.

It is safe to say that the government is fine with this policy and has rallied behind it, showing little empathy for all the workers that have been stuck in the middle of corporate greed. Meanwhile, meatpackers associations have been trying to lobby for more rights, but their demands are not being heard. Most of them are afraid to go on strike, out of fear they might lose their jobs altogether and they won’t be able to put food on the table. This can’t be right!

Urge the US Secretary of Agriculture to step in and confer higher rights to workers and ensure they are kept happy and safe while doing their job. They work so much to provide for their families and the system is completely against them.

The government has a sacred duty to protect its workers. We sincerely hope this Administration doesn’t forget this obligation. Regulations to protect the American meatpackers need to be enforced once again without further delay.

I wish to thank all of you once again for reading my cause.


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