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Petitioning Boris Johnson – Prime Minister of the UK

Toxic oil rigs have no place in the ocean and must be removed!

by Marion Richey on July 25, 2019

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TARGET 70.000 SIGNATURES 61.782 supporters

Dear Earthlings,

We are all extremely tired of all the Brexit debates which has paralysed this great nation for years. Instead of focusing of issues of real importance, our MPs are stuck arguing on Brexit for three years – and little is being done outside this topic, which is a sad and alarming thing.

We, the undersigned, are calling on the UK government to remove all remains of oil rigs that are still in the ocean. We ask this is done for the environment, for the greatness of this country and for future generations.

According to a recently released plan, the government’s intention is to leave the decomissioned oil platforms underwater; this plan has managed to irriate the European Commission tremendously (not that the current UK government would care about that), but for us it is extremely important. Germany was the first of the five EU nations that filed a complaint, the describing the UK plan as a grotesque idea that is essentially nothing but a ticking time-bomb. 

So what’s wrong with leaving the oils underwater? The quick answer would be: basically everything. The rigs themselves have posed serious danger to the oceans during their lifespans and would obviously do the same once they improperly decommissioned. Drilling has disrupted the natural habitat of thousands of fish, seabirds and marine mammals; spills have lead to the destruction of millions of innocent marine creatures and contaminated precious water supply. But it would be a huge mistake to think that if these rigs are not operated anymore, they are suddently environmentally-friendly – this is hardly the case. Even if no longer operational, they remain extremely dangerous to the oceans because they contain trace amount of oil and dangerous metals. Leaving them underwater will surely lead to more pollution and the contamination of our oceans. We can’t let this happen! 

The government of the United Kingdom has a moral obligation to the environment and to future generations to do the right thing and stop the massive pollution of the environment. Enough damage has been done up to this point – this situation must be fixed as quickly as possible!

We must unite and put as much pressure as possible on the UK government to have all remaining oil platforms taken out of the ocean permanently!


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