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Petitioning Jeff Bezos – Amazon CEO

Urge Amazon to perform better employee background checks!

by Claribel Humphries on July 10, 2019

9.233 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 767 supporters

This campaign is extremely important to me, because I am huge animal lover and what happened to a family in Parker County, Texas is simply unacceptable and cannot be allowed to happen again. This is why I sincerely hope Amazon will listen to the honest demands presented in this campaign and will act accordingly, thus keeping customers happy (which, by the way, should be their main priority)

So what exactly determined me do start writing this campaign? I recently learned that over the Independence Day holidays, Mycah Keyona Wade, an Amazon delivery employee, took a break from work to steal a two-year-old Dachshund pet dubbed RJ from a neighborhood front yard. The story might sound actually unbelievable, if it wasn’t true! After nabbing the dog, she put it up for sale online, with the intention of selling the pooch to the highest bidder. Parker County authorities were quick to act in this situation and managed to locate and apprehend the woman; RJ was rescued and safely returned to his rightful owners. Amazon did fire Ms. Wade amid the incident, but it is clear that the company must reevaluate the entire hiring process, because such things simply cannot be allowed to happen.

But this is not the only cases that concerns Amazon and pets. Last year, a pet owner from the United Kingdom was baffled to discover that his miniature schnauzer had gone missing; an investigation later revealed that a delivery boy that worked for a thrid-party Amazon partner had bursted into the man’s property and left with the dog. In this case too, the dog was rescued and returned to his owner in good condition. What was the man’s punishment for his reckless behavior? He was never allowed to work with Amazon packages again.

This e-commerce giant can and should be doing better on these issues. The lives of innocent animals is no joke and it hefty profits should not come first. There is no doubt that better vetting procedures for all delivery employees must come into force; customers trust that the people who deliver their package will only do just that and should not worry if their next Amazon order will render their pets gone.

Please support my petition and let’s urge Amazon to do good and deliver on these important changes as quickly as possible.


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