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Petitioning Marsha Parham - Executive Director of the Baltimore County Office of Housing

Urge Jared Kushner to improve conditions at his Baltime Housing Business!

by Demelza Colon on July 09, 2019

82.335 NEEDED

TARGET 100.000 SIGNATURES 17.665 supporters

Mission of this campaign: To shut down rental units that are in deplore conditions are clearly unsafe for human living and force Mr. Kushner to significantly improve conditions before he gets his license back

Petition Text

Just last summer Donald Trump when rambling on Twitter against Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings that he represents a district that is a rat and rodent infested mess – in a move that was widely regarded by his critics as racist and referring to the entire city of Baltimore. However, in quite a bitter twist of irony, it has been recently revealed that the properties owned by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, fail to meet even the most basic standards for human living. Dozens of complaints show that tenants of in Kushner’s rental properties are living in extremely deplorable conditions that must urgently be improved. Mr. Kushner has not provided any reasoning for failing to comply with basic living standards – we find his actions and attitude completely unacceptable.

Kushner owns thousands of properties all across Maryland and dozens of housing apartments in the Baltimore area – the latter have accumulated 200 housing code violations in just one year, according to the Baltimore County government. Yet they are still allowed to function. Even more outrageous is the fact that Kushner’s penalty for his actions sums up to a total of only $3, 500.

Meanwhile, the individuals compelled to live in these highly inappropriate conditions are struggling to make ends meet; they would go anywhere else, if they had the means to do so. Who is going to step up and defend their rights? Apparently no one.

Please note that this petition is not partisan in any way. Politics aside, we demand that city officials in Baltimore shut down all these housing apartments until they are brought back to required standards. The people of Baltimore deserve better and I hope the people in power will honour their commitment to protect the citizens of this very lovely city.


Comment Section

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