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Petitioning US President Donald Trump

Urge US Administration to deliver military aid to Ukraine!

by Maynard Larson on July 28, 2019

39.499 NEEDED

TARGET 50.000 SIGNATURES 10.501 supporters
We, the undersigned, are calling on the US administration to keep its promise to our friends and allies and deliver the military aid to Ukraine. 

This campaign is extremely important due to the sensitive, delicate situation in Ukraine, a geopolitical mess. 

It is important to point out why the US sends aid to Ukraine in the first place. In 1994, the International Community (including the US) pressured Ukraine to give up the nuclear arsenal it had inherited from the Soviet Union; the country's only intention was to protect itself against potential Russian aggression. As part of the deal, Western countries agreed to protect Ukraine in case of a conflict with its powerful neighbour.

In the meantime, the Russian have illegally annexed Crimea and have deployed massive troops in Donbass, directly supporting an invasion of East Ukraine. During all this time, Western allies have ditched all their support for Ukraine; they have imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation, but that has had little effect in Crimea and Donbass.

Recently, US President has announced it has suspended military aid to Urakine, without providing any reason whatsoever. It was later revealed that the President upheld this crucial aid to see whether the new administration in Kiev was willing to play ball and investigate the family of his political rival, Joe Biden, who had dealings in Ukraine. 

I don't wan to get into the politics of it all, but Ukraine desperately needs the military aid US is refusing to send. We must honour the commitment made to our friends and allies by all means and therefore the package worth $400 million must be sent as quickly as possible. 

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