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Petitioning Mr. Robert (Bob) Iger – Walt Disney CEO

Urge Walt Disney to provide better wages for its employees!

by Jayne Pineda on July 07, 2019

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TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 571 supporters

We, the undersigned, call upon Walt Disney officials to reduce the staggering pay gap between top management and the rest of the company’s employees; it is clear that conditions for employees worldwide must be improved and we sincerely hope our demands will be taken into account.

Here is the root of the problem: nearly 250, 000 people work at Disney owned theme parks and attractions around the globe. A recent report submitted by Abigal Disney, the heir of the Disney empire, reveals that conditions in which there blue collar employees are working are nothing short of outrageous.

Here is what Ms. Disney had to sad about the situation: The message that I received during my visits at numerous theme parks was absolutely stunning. I was told the following: I certainly don’t know how I can maintain this face of joy and good nature when I have to go home and forage food in the garbage can in the neighborhood.

Last year, Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Bob Iger made $65.6 million — about 1, 424 times the median Disney employee’s salary, an amount that heiress Abigail Disney believe is insane.

Meanwhile, at the bottom half, things are not looking so bright: a survey carried out last year found that 75 percent of employees reported not making enough money to meet their monthly expenses. Over 50 percent were actively afraid of eviction, and about ten percent even claimed they had recently been homeless.

Despite this huge pay gap, the company’s CEO has chosen to turn a blind eye on the plight of his employees, the backbone of this company. This certainly extremely rude and unfair. Worker security should constitute a top priority for every CEO of a company.

Disney workers deserve to be paid better. Please show your support for this cause.


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