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Young ducks and chickens are getting dumped across New York City!

by Meagan Bates on September 10, 2019

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There is an extremely unsettling trend happening right now in New York City: because of the duck and chicken hatching school project, countless little ducks and chicken have been abandoned in the city, in many parks, where they might make it or not.

The main idea of the study is for children to see how chicken and ducklings lay their eggs and hatch them, and learn about the entire process. But officials have transformed the issue in how to teach students how no to care about other living creatures.

Here is what some activists had to say about this topic:

These aren’t wild animals. [The ducks] don’t know how to survive. The ducks can’t fly, they never migrate

My heart just sinks when I’m seeing these gentle sous abandoned on the side of a lake – it’s like Here We Go Again!

It is important to point out that such ducklings cannot be kept as pets, according to New York City legislation.

On the other hand, a spokesperson with the New York City Department of Education claimed that these projects are not part of the science core curriculum, but teachers are allowed to participate at their own discretion: We want our students to have enriching, hands-on lessons that get them excited about learning and are safe for everyone involved, including any classroom animals or pets. We will have to review the legislation in these conditions.

The New York authorities must intervene and stop these practices from taking place, they are not normal and must be outlawed as soon as possible! Thank you for your interest in this matter.

Dozens of chicken and ducklings have been set free in parks all across New York City
All chicken hatching projects in New York City should stop!
Please support this campaign and urge NYC authorities to intervene!

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