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Petitioning The Hon. President of the United Nations General Assembly

We demand the removal of Priyanka Chopra as UN Goodwill Ambassador!

by Virginia Brantley on July 20, 2019

19.978 NEEDED

TARGET 50.000 SIGNATURES 30.022 supporters

Petition Objective: To have Ms. Priyanka Chopra removed from her position as UN Goodwill Ambassador as quickly and expeditiously as possible. 

Petition Text:

We, the undersigned, are calling upon the people in power to do the right thing and ensure Ms. Priyanka Chopra is ousted as the UN Goodwill Ambassador for her outrageous behaviour.

During a Q&A session at a luxury beauty convention, a Pakistani member of the audience asked the actress about her tweets in which she expressed her support for India during a tense moment of nuclear threats between India and neighbouring Pakistan. Amid these tweets, many fans were left stratching their heads, since it certainly looked like the actress was actually encouraged nuclear war.

Instead of attempting to calm down the situation, Ms. Chopra did the exact opposite. But getting back to her response, the actress was extremely rude and dismissive, urging the activists that posed the question to stop emabarrassing herself. At one point, that activist had her microphone removed from her before she got the chance to finish her statement. Chopra was eager to end the conversation on this matter and did not show any support for such a dialogue. Chopra went on to claim that she is not in favour of war, but refused to take down or apologise for her tweets.

Given her position as the UN Goodwill Ambassador, Ms. Chopra should certainly do better than this. Her role at the United Nations is to promote peace, love and prosperty. Although the conflict between India and Pakistan is known in the entire world, Ms. Chopra should try to defuse the situation – and not act in this completely childish and irresponsible manner. She must set an example of kindness, good will and understanding. She could very well have offered to mediate the conflict by meeting both Mr. Modi and Khan, the leaders of the two countries. Instead, she has done something extremely dangerous and counterproductive. Many people looked up to her and she has disappointed each and every one of them. 

In the light of her recent actions, we, the undersigned, call upon the President of the United Nations General Assembly to remove Ms. Priyanka Chopra as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. We sincerely hope our demands will not be ignored, because they are extremely pertinent and to the point.


Comment Section

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